May Drawings |Dessins de mai

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I have continued to choose at random personal thoughts among those that I write down and to draw them. Here is a translation of the French titles of the drawings that I post:

  1. Velingara (Senegal)
  2. Trinity (Trinity)
  3. Telling my story
  4. Feeling of not being at his own place (Ne pas sentir à sa place)
  5. Sand and rock (Sable et roche)
  6. Forgotten thought  (Pensée oubliée)
  7. Artificial Paradise (Paradis artificiel)
  8. Birth and death (Naissance et mort)
  9. I have the pleasure to interest them (J’ai le plaisir de les intéresser)
  10. Flattered ego (Ego flatté)
  11. Logical discourse on the irreality (Discours logique sur l’irréalité)
  12. What I learned (Ce que j’ai appris)
  13. Albany

This «Thoughts, Randomness, Drawings» process is very productive and with it comes lassitude. I will become less assiduous to it and I will go back on the Small Squares Route.

J’ai continué à choisir au hasard parmi mes pensées celles que je dessine. La liste de pensées s’allonge de semaine en semaine….(voir la suite en cliquant ici)

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