80 propositions

André Clouâtre, «80 propositions» détail
André Clouâtre, «80 propositions» détail

Je croyais prendre une route facile lorsque, au début du mois de janvier, j’ai décidé de reproduire en plus grand format une partie particulièrement dynamique du tableau «243 propositions» que j’ai peint en décembre dernier. (voir la suite sur mon nouveau blogue)

I thought that it would be easy to reproduce on a larger canvas a particularly lively section of «243 propositions» that I did last December.

André Clouâtre, 243 propositions (détail), 2013
André Clouâtre, 243 propositions (détail), 2013

It was not an easy route. I encountered many problems and dissatisfactions on this route. The first problem was a scale problem. The small squares of the «243 propositions» have the dynamic qualities of a mosaic. Reproduced on a larger scale, they appeared dull. I had to put layers of paint and create pseudo-motives on each of the squares to animate them. Another side effect of the magnifying process that I had to deal with was the feeling of being confined by a fence when I was looking at the painting. It was about the plain structure of the grid: no particular point of interest, no expectation of liberation, no exit. I reworked the grid, varying by section the width and the greys of the borders in order to create movements. 80 propositions vf

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